Calnefornia to Snowdonia Last weekend 7 of us headed from Wiltshire to North Wales for what promised to be a good weekend on the bikes. Friday, 2 of the gang went straight to Coed y Brenin while the rest of us headed for Cadair Idris and a grueling climb in temperatures just shy of 30C. It was... Continue Reading →

In and Out of the Saddle

Its been a month since I posted on here! That's not good, but all it means is I've been busy. Unfortunately I haven't been nearly busy enough riding bikes as I've been training to run a half marathon.  I know! It's kind of been a goal of mine to get fitter off the bike and... Continue Reading →

A South Wales Adventure

Sometimes things don't go quite how you planned them - but that's OK. This is what happened on Sunday when I "planned" a route all from the comfort of my computer chair, and took more than a dozen riders from MB Swindon and one from Mudtrek with me along for an adventure in South Wales.... Continue Reading →

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