Britain’s Favourite Walks

You watched it. I watched it. We all watched it. You didn't?  What? This has to have been one of the best things on TV so far this year - maybe in a long time (for me). “From one end of the country to the other, from the mountains to the sea - we’ve pretty... Continue Reading →

TV Show – MTB Adventures

It reminds me a little of Ride Guide that used to be on Extreme TV a few years back; I'm talking about the new show on the Bike Channel that started last night called - MTB Adventures Hosted by Andrew Dodd of Factory Jackson and Anna Glowinski of well of Anna Glowinski I suppose. That's a... Continue Reading →

Breaking Bad Season 1

In my fragile hungover state today I have managed to watch again the second half of yesterday's rugby match.. That the half where Wales scored 2 tries and shattered English hopes and dreams of a Grand Slam. And I finished off Season 1 of Breaking Bad. If you haven't seen it you should believe the... Continue Reading →

Sorry for my bad behaviour

I may write here later but if I don't I will apologise now for my slack behaviour today. Woke early and watched some old rugby DVDs before breakfast - feeling extremely Welsh right now! Just spent about 2 hours tidying the desk and the study. Where does all the crap come from...? Now its time... Continue Reading →

What do points make?

On the 4th of February I commented that it was all about the points difference... Well how true has that become?! Tomorrow in Cardiff will be the 2013 RBS 6 Nations decider and for Wales to retain the title they will need to beat England by 8 points - though there are a few permutations... Continue Reading →

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