Strava Subscription Cost Changed

If you have used Strava in the last day or so and then gone to check the leaderboard you will likely have noticed a BIG difference. The Strava Subscription Cost and Free version has changed. In the FREE VERSION : You will no longer see yourself on a leaderboard if you finish outside the... Continue Reading →

What do I do now?

So you bought a Garmin. You've got OS maps included too cos it seemed like the right thing to do, now what do you do? Ride around bike parks and trail centres recording your rides and putting them up on Strava of course... Well, there's a lot more you can and should be doing. But... Continue Reading →

Stand up for Strava

I thought it was time someone made a stand for Strava. We see increasing amounts of bad press about speeding cyclists in public places or even the daft need for speed cameras on bike trails. And a blame of sorts is often landed on Strava. I wont and can't deny that Strava doesn't allow and promote... Continue Reading →

Lets Break It Down

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will have noticed I went for a run yesterday. Exciting I know!  Well I have been trying again to help my bike fitness by adding some other exercise to my routine.  Running is an easy one to fit in to short spaces of time and if... Continue Reading →

If its not on Strava…

...did the ride really happen? I realised this last week that I am a Strava Addict. Yes I admit it. I didn't really doubt it and let me get this straight, its not that I am addicted t o chasing down other peoples times and climbs. I am much more realistic than that. I ride... Continue Reading →

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