Not This Time by TimFromWales

Not this time

Starting deep from under the posts
Williams has the ball in his hand
Looking to clear he kicks it sky high
Knowing precisely where it will land

The chase is on to the opponents half
He’s in the air with a single bound
Thud, thump and crash – they hit him hard
And suddenly he’s on the ground

The forwards pile in full of muscle and heart
for the ball they ruck and surge forth
Davies digs deep, and with his hands on the prize
He looks up and passes to North

Flying down the wing scattering opponents like skittles
He’s making yards as he runs towards the line
But he’s tackled and felled, to the ground he does fall
A try wont be scored, not this time.

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The Pool of Death by TimFromWales

The Pool of Death

Its not like its sounds, no one will die
But a few will get hurt I am sure
Australia v Wales, Australia v England
Wales v England – its war!

Who will survive and who will march on
Its tough but I hope Wales go through…
We’ve made it this far, South Africa next
And then its the All Blacks, oh poo!

Every 4 years World Cups come around
And the last time it did we blew it.
Maybe this time, we can find the skills
Maybe this time we can do it!

The second of my rugby poems inspired by the World Cup and my sons request to help him with his English homework.

Judgement Day


Judgement Day, no not the end of the world, the second coming or day of reckoning or a Terminator movie – a back to back double header of Welsh rugby in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Having the chance to take my boy to his first rugby game, and it being in the home of Welsh rugby and the best rugby stadium in the country (in my opinion) for a bargain price was a deal I couldn’t pass on.

A few weeks back, when Wales won the 6 nations I bought 4 tickets for us and my Mum and Dad. The idea was a bit of bonding and a test to see if he would like to go to an international.

I think it worked. We only watched the second game – Ospreys v Blues – which kicked off with a fantastic Blues try scored by Welsh ace and hopefully British Lions fullback Leigh Halfpenny.

The Ospreys went on to win but it was a great game with an excellent display of rugby.

Long day though as we caught the train from Chippenham to Cardiff (and back) which took a while with a change in Bristol.

Return journey was marred somewhat by a train full of drunk Spurs fans on their way back from a win at Swansea, only saving grace was they were in a good mood!

Breaking Bad Season 1

In my fragile hungover state today I have managed to watch again the second half of yesterday’s rugby match.. That the half where Wales scored 2 tries and shattered English hopes and dreams of a Grand Slam.

And I finished off Season 1 of Breaking Bad. If you haven’t seen it you should believe the hype!

Brilliantly acted, this show is about 50 year old Walter and his efforts to help provide for his family after his death.

Walter has cancer and he works with one of his old chemistry students to cook and sell crystal meth in New Mexico.

There’s subtle humour, drama, action and some great characters. Drug dealing is such a dark subject, and much like Dexter, this show encourages you to empathise with people doing unspeakable things.

Anyway I’m not much good at writing reviews – so just find a way to watch Breaking Bad.