Not This Time by TimFromWales

Not this time Starting deep from under the posts Williams has the ball in his hand Looking to clear he kicks it sky high Knowing precisely where it will land The chase is on to the opponents half He’s in the air with a single bound Thud, thump and crash - they hit him hard... Continue Reading →

The Pool of Death by TimFromWales

The Pool of Death Its not like its sounds, no one will die But a few will get hurt I am sure Australia v Wales, Australia v England Wales v England - its war! Who will survive and who will march on Its tough but I hope Wales go through… We’ve made it this far,... Continue Reading →

On the telly by TimFromWales

I have been helping my son with some English homework. For his poem assignment he wanted to write about Welsh rugby and the World Cup. So as a brief break from the Mountain Biking posts, here are my 3 poems I came up with while helping him. Some poetic licence of course... On the telly... Continue Reading →

Judgement Day

Judgement Day, no not the end of the world, the second coming or day of reckoning or a Terminator movie - a back to back double header of Welsh rugby in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Having the chance to take my boy to his first rugby game, and it being in the home of... Continue Reading →

Breaking Bad Season 1

In my fragile hungover state today I have managed to watch again the second half of yesterday's rugby match.. That the half where Wales scored 2 tries and shattered English hopes and dreams of a Grand Slam. And I finished off Season 1 of Breaking Bad. If you haven't seen it you should believe the... Continue Reading →

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