Monday night is pool night (again)

The new pool season has started so be prepared for the occasional Monday night story about ongoings at the various pubs in Calne.

Well tonight, self belief, sheer dogged determination and a bit of luck won us the first match of the season 6-4 with yours truly getting proceedings off to a winning form after the first two games didn’t go to plan.

We know on a good day we can give any team a game and hold our own, we just aren’t very consistent, especially under pressure.

Tonight was an awesome start to the season beating a team that finished around 10 places higher than us and who beat us twice last season home and away.

Let’s hope we can keep it up.

The end of the season


Busy day today. Started off with a ride to the shops to buy some essential items. It was pretty warm and the ride back, though only about 4 miles was made tougher by a very full 15 litre back pack. This my only way to get a ride in today and it was worth it.

This afternoon was spent doing some basic garden maintenance which included painting the fence and getting the garden furniture out of storage as we seem to be finally out of Winter and can enjoy evening meals on the patio.

And tonight was our last pool match of the season. We have finished higher than last year though we all agree not as high as we could have. We lost the match but I took great pleasure in potting the last ball of our season to win our final frame of the night.

Back to work tomorrow, for a frantic and busy week.

There’s no I in team….


This season I stepped up as captain of the pool team. It’s done wonders for my game as I have put myself under pressure to earn my spot on team.

Tonight was a new experience.

We played in a Cup match with some odd game types. There were 5 games: a singles match followed by a doubles match, then a 4 v 4 match and doubles and singles to finish.

The doubles and 4v4 were a new format where the team alternated shots. The idea being that the stronger team won rather than a strong player carrying a weaker player.

Our first singles game we lost.

First doubles game we won, and I made that happen with a great set up for my partner. This game I might add with only 15 balls went on for about 40 mins.

The team game was very tactical and we won putting in the strong position of 2-1 and only needing 1 game to win.

The second doubles pairs played well but rattled the 8 ball and left the opponents a clear finish…. Setting up a deciding match between me and their captain.

I lost big time, i only got 1 visit to the table after the break… What does this tell you?

Did I let the side down? Or was he just too good? I barely got a look in and the more I play this game the more I realise how hard it is.

Fine margins win or lose games mostly, measured and carefully planned shots leading to clearing breaks also win games…

I also don’t deal we’ll with a pressure game. It’s like taking a penalty in the worlds cup!

No Riding This Weekend

This weekend saw 2 days of mostly sunshine across much of the UK and I didn’t get out on my bike. Though I have spent a little time thinking about the upcoming club rides in Wiltshire

Believe it or not we had a family Christmas get together (postponed from er Christmas), where my kids got Christmas presents and everything!

This meant the day was filled with me filling myself with party / buffett food and drinking. And yesterday I went swimming – though its not swimming these days.

When I was a boy – 30 years ago – my mum would take us swimming and that’s what we did, we swam. But now swimmimg usually means spending an hour climbing steps, standing getting a little cold and then whizzing down a slide for 10 seconds. While this is fun it doesn’t often require a great deal of swimming ability. But I did this my my son and we had a great time.

Yesterday evening I went to the MB Swindon AGM – see yesterday’s post for details.

Busy week mostly spent in London ahead and some pool to be played in the evenings – got a competition match on Thursday!

That’s it for today – off out now to try and get a hair cut…

Decisions Decisions

I was going to reminisce this evening and talk you through my little snow ride on the mountain bike yesterday. I was going to show you my video and explain how I went about setting up the shots, how I mounted the camera to my bike using a variety of Gopro mounts and my new K-Edge go big bar mount.

The slow motion skid that I did on the icy road was a moment of pure genius in my video production as was the under bar mounting to show me changing gear.

There’s also my annoyance that I didn’t go a bit further and really hit the hills in the snow, after all it will all be gone by the weekend.

But I won’t talk about any of that because tonight my friends at our 3rd pool match of 2013 we came back from 4-2 down to win 6-4 in a famous historic victory that hopefully marks a turning point in steadying nerves and winning key games.

Oh go on then, here’s my little video…