Throw Back Thursday – Antur Stiniog I've been thinking about doing a mashup video edit from some old footage and have just been looking at some clips from last year's trip to North Wales and found this run from Antur Stiniog. Such an amazing place and remarkably more rideable than I thought it would be. Its definitely quite intimidating to... Continue Reading →

Coed y Brenin – Bring it on

This year I have been focusing on improving my skills and basically plucking up the courage to do more stuff on the bike. It started with a trip to UK Bike Skills and has continued with me pushing myself where ever I get the chance. I have been to Coed y Brenin a few times... Continue Reading →

(Bwlch) Nant Yr Arian

I put Bwlch in brackets cos everyone calls it Nant yr Arian, or actually just "Nanty" most of the time, but lets give it its full name for a moment - Bwlch Nant yr Arian. It translates as "Silver Stream Pass" or "Pass of the Silver Stream" and is named after the silver lead ore that... Continue Reading →

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