Elan Valley Mountain Biking

I've recently been to the Elan Valley for a weekend with a few friends. It was only 2 weeks ago but looking at the weather outside today it feels like it was months ago. As you'll see from the video above we had the last of the summer weather and we all agreed it was... Continue Reading →

Peatys Products – Clean Degrease & Lube Starter Pack (not a review)

https://youtu.be/YL2KMdp_bBE   I just ran out of the pink bike cleaning stuff and ordered a starter pack from Peatys. Containing chain lube, degreaser and the famous Loam Foam all for £26.99 delivered I couldn't argue. The Link Lube and Drive Train Degreaser gets great reviews and I'm certain the Loam Foam will clean my bike.... Continue Reading →

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