LUTs, resolution and FPS – Do you care? Those are not cycling terms, or the names of mountain bike components - they are a whole new set of nerdy things you *have* to learn about if you are going to try and make videos for YouTube. *Disclaimer - You don't have to learn about these things at all.  I just like to... Continue Reading →

Day & Night – Sam Pilgrim Sam Pilgrim and this edit deserves more likes, views, shares so I'm going to do my little bit. If this edit had featured Brandon Semenuk doing EXACTLY the same stuff, it would have had way more views, and that's not right. Sam is a talented rider and works hard on social media and does... Continue Reading →

Brechfa Forest MTB Trails

Last weekend a group of us headed off to Carmarthenshire West Wales and spent a very long day riding around the Brechfa Forest trails - Gorlech (Red) and Raven (Black). Trails designed by Rowan Sorrel, a forest of beautiful fir trees and plenty of mud - what more do you want? Well there wasn't too... Continue Reading →

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