Around the world by bike I'm not sure I ever did a proper review of these books. I always intended to. Anyway - this isn't a proper review either its just a quick recommendation in the form of a video. Want to know more about Al Humphreys and his adventures then check out his website, or youtube channel. Continue Reading →

My first Bike and Bivvy

I have been threatening to do this for ages and I eventually plucked up the courage to get out and do a solo bivvy camp out. I didn't go far, about an hour from home and had a return home plan via the A4 if need be, which I think would take me about 30... Continue Reading →

Just go out will you!

Its great riding with your mates. Banter, racing, taking photos, stopping at the cafe, motivating each other up the hill, egging each other over the drops, laughing and joking. But its also great to go out and do stuff on your own. Your pace might be faster or slower than the group you ride with;... Continue Reading →

Stove Shield Bargain from Amazon

You may have seen my little video a few weeks ago featuring the Alpkit Mytimug and Kraku. Gratuitous plug of previous blog post and YouTube video. Well it was a little breezy so i set about looking for a cheap and light shield for the stove. I eventually found this little one on Amazon. I am... Continue Reading →


I don't often just post a link to a website. I am not about re-blogging other people's content. So this is much more than that. This post is an invitation to you to go and view my favourite website this week (maybe that could be a new feature of the blog #thinks#), go and wonder... Continue Reading →

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