LUTs, resolution and FPS – Do you care? Those are not cycling terms, or the names of mountain bike components - they are a whole new set of nerdy things you *have* to learn about if you are going to try and make videos for YouTube. *Disclaimer - You don't have to learn about these things at all.  I just like to... Continue Reading →

If your camera doesn’t lie, you need to teach it to. I mentioned last week that you should dust off your GoPro no matter where you ride and what you think your riding is like, and make a film. Firstly because you bought it and you might as well use it, and secondly you never know if someone will like it and give you some... Continue Reading →

Just go out will you!

Its great riding with your mates. Banter, racing, taking photos, stopping at the cafe, motivating each other up the hill, egging each other over the drops, laughing and joking. But its also great to go out and do stuff on your own. Your pace might be faster or slower than the group you ride with;... Continue Reading →

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