Lee Quarry – A Sort of Review

Why a sort of review? Cos I only "sort of" rode there. Being a little pushed for time but also being in the neighbourhood of one of the first "trail centres" I heard of when I started mountain biking a few years ago, meant that I had to give it some sort of a visit.... Continue Reading →

We’ve come a long long way together… (Vitus Escarpe VRX Long Term Review)

Its been two years since I decided it was time to change my full sus bike (Giant Trance X2) and after much research I decided on the Vitus Escarpe VRX. Longer and beefier forks. Wider bars. Bigger wheels (650b). I was excited! Vitus Escarpe VRX Long Term Review My riding had out grown the Giant,... Continue Reading →

Drone filming and jumping

My mate Gary has a drone. A DJI Mavic drone. And now I want one! I've found my wings again this last few weeks at a local spot and we had a great time on Saturday hitting the singletrack and the jumps in the woods.  When the woods opened out a little we thought the... Continue Reading →

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