You must unlearn what you have learned

UKBikeSkills 4

24 hours after finishing a coaching session with Tony Doyle at UK Bike Skills and I’m still buzzing. 4 of us had this day booked months ago – such is the popularity of Tony’s coaching skills – and the day was finally upon us.  And so was the rain.

I won’t deny the rain did put a small dent in the excitement as we traveled to Hertfordshire for our day of jumps and drops education!

However as we drove through the gates, it was a bit like driving through the lions enclosure at Longleat. As first timers we were gazing out of the car in wonder as we slowly drove up the track – “look at that!” “that’s where we’ll be learning drops” “there’s the gap jumps”.  40+ year olds became big kids as we pulled up in the car park.

The 4 of us arrived before Tony (also nicknamed Jedi for reasons that become clear) and we wandered among the North Shore in awe as if we were looking a new roller coaster or theme park ride.  Maybe next time!

UKBikeSkills 1

When Tony arrived, we sat and drank coffee as he quizzed us on our experience and confirmed what each of wanted to get out of the day. Some simple tests assessed our basic cornering and wheel lifting skills and off we went to Jedi School.

UKBikeSkills 3

It doesn’t take long for the areas you need to fix to be highlighted and we worked on cornering (HOW MUCH GRIP were we getting on an off camber wet grassy field!?) and basic drops.

UKBikeSkills 2

A 6 foot table top gap was the first challenge and from this point we went bigger and bigger until eventually linking pumping, berms, step ups, step downs and varying sized tables to create one long flowing trail.

The rain gave way to the sun, the jackets came off and the big broad leaf trees (I listened to everything) started to soak up the water. A few hours of sun shine was all we needed and before long we were all clearing an 8 foot gap and wanting more!

UKBikeSkills 5

I was told I would learn so much from my visit to UK Bike Skills and I can’t say enough how much this came true and how my expectations were exceeded.

To finish  day having cleared varying sized gaps and step downs as well as getting a good way across  14 foot table was more than I imagined would happen.

I’m going back.  Not because I am not satisfied or because Tony only does half a job; I’m going back because firstly I enjoyed it immensely and secondly because I know I need to go away and put what I have learned into practice before I can progress to maybe having a go on that roller coaster one day!

Thanks Tony!

Book a session with Tony and you won’t regret it…

UK Bike Skills Website and Facebook Page

6 thoughts on “You must unlearn what you have learned

  1. Having been to Tony I can completely relate to your experience, I want to go back at some point to try the slightly bigger and more challenging stuff. Glad you had a good day.

    1. Had a brilliant day Chris. Not sure I can see myself flying down that big line of jumps but definitely will go back to see how much further I can go. And to have him check that I’ve listened.

  2. Tim, I share your revelations to be sure! We spent the day with Tony a month before we went to Morzine last year – and it made my trip!

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