No Riding This Weekend

No Riding This Weekend

This weekend saw 2 days of mostly sunshine across much of the UK and I didn’t get out on my bike. Though I have spent a little time thinking about the upcoming club rides in Wiltshire

Believe it or not we had a family Christmas get together (postponed from er Christmas), where my kids got Christmas presents and everything!

This meant the day was filled with me filling myself with party / buffett food and drinking. And yesterday I went swimming – though its not swimming these days.

When I was a boy – 30 years ago – my mum would take us swimming and that’s what we did, we swam. But now swimmimg usually means spending an hour climbing steps, standing getting a little cold and then whizzing down a slide for 10 seconds. While this is fun it doesn’t often require a great deal of swimming ability. But I did this my my son and we had a great time.

Yesterday evening I went to the MB Swindon AGM – see yesterday’s post for details.

Busy week mostly spent in London ahead and some pool to be played in the evenings – got a competition match on Thursday!

That’s it for today – off out now to try and get a hair cut…

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