(Bwlch) Nant Yr Arian

Nant Yr Arian Trail Centre

I put Bwlch in brackets cos everyone calls it Nant yr Arian, or actually just “Nanty” most of the time, but lets give it its full name for a moment – Bwlch Nant yr Arian. It translates as “Silver Stream Pass” or “Pass of the Silver Stream” and is named after the silver lead ore that was mined in the area. There’s an old mine and museum just down the road, that would be a great spot to drop off the non-mountain biking members of your family while you have a ride or an additional activity if you wanted to have a longer stay. Continue reading “(Bwlch) Nant Yr Arian”

North Wales Trip April 2016

North Wales Trip 2016
Cadair Idris Ascent

Its fair to say we have just had an absolute blast in Snowdonia! 4 days of sunshine and dusty trails against the odds and what the “weatherman” kept threatening us with.

10 of us (not all pictured above) rode a variety of trail centres and up a few mountains and generally smiled and laughed all weekend.

While I think I could have been fitter, I felt my riding skills were spot on thanks in part to a great training session with Tony Doyle the week before.

Antur Stiniog - TimFromWales
Antur Stiniog

I will be writing an individual post for each of the days and locations over the course of the next week so come back soon for some more pics, words and videos!

Cadair Idris - TimFromWales
Cadair Idris

Before I go off to get some work done I must say a quick thanks to my good friend Jonathan for these great pics of me in “action”!

Coed y Brenin - TimFromWales
Coed y Brenin

Stage 3 – Conscious competence

Today was a revelation. 2 days after coaching at UK Bike Skills I was eager to test what I had learnt on some technical trails with plenty of jumps and drops.

Muscle memory kicks in too easily and I had to make a real effort to put into practice what Tony aka Jedi had taught me on Friday. But this is a good thing – it’s the 3rd stage of competence – Conscious Competence.

The individual understands or knows how to do something. However, demonstrating the skill or knowledge requires concentration. It may be broken down into steps, and there is heavy conscious involvement in executing the new skill.

Knowing where I was needing to make adjustments, and realising that I was doing a few things the wrong way was frustrating as I am not a perfectionist but still don’t like to be wrong!

The real positive however was my confidence was up and I felt in control all day, even on the muddy slippery trails at the Forest of Dean.

What a blast and on the few occasions where I was able to implement me new found jumping skills it was amazing how good it felt.

Next stop North Wales!